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It is difficult -- if not impossible -- to create a single gear list that would be applicable to all of your possible camping trips. A gear list depends on many factors: length of trip, type of trip (whitewater canoeing, flatwater canoeing, sea-kayaking, backpacking, snowshoeing, etc.), weather, number of portages, etc.

Below I have created a different list for each of a number of recent camping trips that I have been on. Find one that most closely matches the type of trip you will be going on and then use it as a gear guide adapting as necessary to your unique situation.

Weekend Winter Camping/Snowshoeing

Weekend Fall Flatwater Canoe Trip

Spring White Water Paddling Trip

Winter Hike in High Peaks Area

Long Weekend Sea Kayaking Trip

Other lists:


Simple Z-Drag with Brake Canoe Rescue Kit

Emergency Kit

Items for a compact emergency kit.

First-Aid Kit