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For rescuing a canoe stuck in the rapids. A z-drag is a system of ropes and pulleys that will provide you with up to 3 times the mechanical advantage over simpy pulling on a straight rope. When whitewater canoeing or kayaking consider having a z-drag rescue kit with each canoe or kayak.

Z-Drag Kit for Canoe or Kayak Rescue

Simple Z-Drag Kit
Item Description Cost/Example
3 Locking Carabiners Choose oval biners to use with pulleys. 3 x $15
Petzl Oval Screwgate
2 Prusiks Make from 75-100 cm of 5mm static cord 2 x $1.20/metre
5mm Static Cord
2 Mini Pulleys Use with oval carabiners. 2 x $13.50
SMC Mini Pulley
1 Sling Make from 1" tubular webbing or purchase pre-made sling; use to go around a tree trunk or large rock to provide an anchor. ~2 metres @ $1.30/m
1" Tubular Webbing
1 Small mesh or vinyl utility "ditty" bag Choose a bag just large enough to contain all the items in the kit. ~$5
Mesh Storage Bag

Total cost is approximately $65-$77.

Simple Z-Drag Setup with Prusik Brake for Canoe or Kayak Rescue