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Gear List - 3-day, 2-night Sea Kayaking Trip

The gear list below is what I packed for a 3 day sea kayaking trip on Georgian Bay in Ontario.

The weather was expected to be nice and typical of an Ontario August weekend - warm days and cool nights. Rain was not forecast but, as always, was planned for.




To Wear:


One set of extra clothing:

More thoughts on preparing for a sea kayak trip...

Because you'll be bringing a large number of small items instead of one big backpack or canoe pack, what is really handy to have is one or more Ikea shopping bags for transporting the items from your car to the kayak and then also from the kayak to the campsite. The Ikea bag (or equivalent) is large enough to carry quite a bit but packs up really small and takes up virtually no space in the kayak.

When packing your tent, you will be better off separating the parts. The fly, tent, and poles can all be separated and packed on their own. This way you'll have 3 smaller packages rather than one big one. It will be easier to find space in the kayak to put them. The poles can be protected from breakage by placing them in a packing tube or wrapped in a piece of cardboard formed and taped into a tube-like form. I wrap the entire packing tube in packing tape or duct tape to give it strength and The poles, protected in their packing tube, will be able to placed far up into the bow of the kayak where it is very narrow and not much else will fit there.