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Trail Blazer Take-Down Buck Saw

A good quality, reliable camp saw is a must-have item on your back-country camping trip. It may be used to cut wood to keep you warm, clear a portage trail, or cut wood to cook.

A favourite saw of many back-country campers is the Take-Down Buck Saw by Trail Blazer. Canadian-made using a Swedish steel blade, this saw is well made, reliable and packs up inside its own handle to become a compact tube with no sharp edges exposed. Putting together the saw and taking it down after use can be a bit of a puzzle the first time and is a fun way to tease newbies on your camping trip.

Out of business! Trail Blazer Products of Nova Scotia is apparently out of business. Too bad.


  • light
  • quality
  • available in 18" and 24" models
  • relatively inexpensive
  • replacement blades readily available
  • the design facilitates two person use for reduced fatigue


  • some effort to put together and take-down (gets easier with practice)

Boreal 21 21" Folding Pack Saw

A good quality, 21" folding bow saw.

The Boreal 21 Pack Saw by Agawa Canyon is Canadian designed and assembled. This saw opens in one fluid motion without the need to ever touch the blade. Cuts up to 6" logs straight through.


  • light (500g)
  • quality
  • easy to assemble and pack
  • accepts replacement blades available from common retails such as Canadian Tire


  • pricey - but quality often is
  • single-person use only